Don't take our word for it.  Read what our patients have to say about their hearing aids and the service that they receive!

"I have been wearing hearing aids since 1972 but purchased my first Starkey aids in 1998 from A Hearing Service, now O'Brien Hearing Center in 2005. I decided I wanted the newest and best technology I could get in a new hearing instrument and purchased Starkey. I feel that I am getting the best. The professional care I receive is always excellent. I recommend O'Brien Hearing Center & Starkey Hearing Instruments to all who have a hearing loss & need help." -----Ruth B. (Vincennes, IN)

"A world of joy to hear every little sound." -----Gerald H. (Vincennes, IN)

"I have had a good experience with my hearing aid. It works fine. I can hear what is going on & can communicate with most people. This is the best aid I have ever had & have been wearing an aid for over 30 years!" -----Elmer Swartzentruber (Montgomery, IN)

"I am really impressed by how well O'Brien Hearing Center took care of my hearing needs. Not only did I get the hearing aids I needed, but I was really impressed by how well Karin took the time to make sure I understood how my new hearing aids worked. She treated me as a friend listening to what I had to say, and trying different things until I could hear like I should. Her patience was really appreciated. I would recommend O'Brien Hearing Center to anyone." -----Mary M. (Oaktown, IN)

"I am very well pleased the way they have treated my father.  It has improved his hearing a lot, nothing is a 100%, but it is understandable from the way he was.  They are very kind and understanding, and caring - nice people!" -----Jimmie Y. (Freelandville, IN)

"I have enjoyed my hearing aids.  They are easy to care for and put in.  I would recommend them to anyone." -----Mary S. (Monroe City, IN)

"They are just great!" -----RW Miller

"The hearing aids are great for Sandra. Staff is very experienced & helpful. They are also smiling & cheerful." -----Sandra C.

"I have been hard of hearing all through school. I couldn't hear and it was embarrassing to be called upon to read or answer a question. I felt awful to be in a crowd and not be able to hear. I feel I was made fun of & laughed at because I couldn't hear."

"I've been so thankful to be able to come to O'Brien Hearing Center where they have helped me a lot. I hear things I never heard before! The very first time I put hearing aids on, it was amazing to hear things I never actually heard before! I was in a mall and the noise I heard was unbelievable even to be able to hear the birds sing! I was in child care and I definitely had to wear them, but I'm glad to be able to hear and my husband is really thankful that I have them."

"Hearing loss ran in my family so unless you experience a hearing loss, you can't know how it feels not to hear. I'm so thankful for the help I receive from O'Brien Hearing Center. Thank you so much! I've worn hearing aids for 26 years." -----Juanita M.

"Anyone who has been accused of selective deafness (as I was), or who is simply tired of being an aggravation to spouse & family due to hearing loss in certain frequency ranges, should definitely look into the latest products from O'Brien Hearing Center. The completeness of their testing and the range of options they will suggest make improved hearing a pleasant experience. The "service after the sale" will please the most particular person, they convinced me."-----Michael M. (Freelandville, IN)

"My hearing aids are outstanding and the service when I come in is outstanding.  My hearing aids really help me a lot and I would recommend O'Brien Hearing Center & Destiny hearing aids to everybody that needs them." -----Bob Cullison (Odon, IN)

"I am totally pleased with my hearing aids. I would recommend them to anyone. The day I got them, I didn't take them out from the time I got them until I went to bed. I like that you don't have to adjust them to hear. They're already set for you. I didn't realize how much I wasn't hearing. When I go outside the wind doesn't whistle in them." -----Catherine K. (Vincennes, IN)

"I have had good service. Everyone was very helpful." -----Helen D. (Washington, IN)

"My high frequency hearing loss happend in the military (Fort Knox) when I was age 25. For years I have avoided crowded places with lots of background noise because of me not being able to carry on a conversation due to hearing loss. At work, I always had to sit in the front row to have a chance of hearing properly."

"My wife & I finally set out to try to fix that problem. We came to O'Brien's in Jasper, liked what they could offer, went through extensive hearing tests, bought the "aids" and I am very pleased with the results. I can actually hear fine now & it has made me want to be more with people instead of being apart. In the past 2 months since the purchase, we have met 5 or 6 times to evaluate me and to adjust the "aids" to my lifestyle. I am pleased with the equipment, the service, and Terry is great to work with."-----B.Dutchess (Jasper, IN)

"When the realization dawned that I was asking people to repeat themselves, nodding and smiling a lot when I really didn't understand what was being said, sitting closer to the TV, and turning it up and up again, and wandering if my grandsons needed speech therapy (!). It seemed timely when I received the invitation to the Open House at O'Brien Hearing Center in Jasper. Now, a month after having these great Starkey's fitted and fine-tuned, I know that I was missing more than I knew, and that my sense of hearing (though not really very bad) was gradually going."

"Some people think that hearing aids means old age; they're wrong. Lots of people wear glasses and don't think twice about how importantit is to be able to see. We should feel the same about hearing aids. They are so technologically advanced that they are virtually invisible, and I already forget that I have them in my ears. It's a shock when I take them out at night and find myself back in that quiet, non-hearing world.

"Birds sing, crickets "crick", breezes blow, children laugh, footsteps come and go, people chuckle to themselves... All of these sounds I was missing out on. I had nearly forgotten that a breeze through the trees makes a sound. With my hearing aids I feel like I am again truly present in my world. It's a nice place to be."-----Diane B. (Loogootee, IN)

"My hearing aids are doing fine. I am very satisfied with O'Brien Hearing Center." -----Dexter Stuffle, (Washington, IN)

11 SE Third Street, Washington, IN 47501
812-254-6616 or Toll Free 877-254-7925
FAX 812-254-9110

241 S. US Highway 231, Jasper, IN 47546
812-482-2828 or Toll Free 877-489-2828
FAX 812-482-2888

Cindy O'Brien, Owner

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O’Brien Hearing Center, Inc. (OHC) strives for professional care in all your hearing needs.  We work diligently to provide the latest technology with the best customer service being a full service hearing instrument company. As a multi-line dealer, we can recommend and provide products suited to fit ones specific hearing needs.   We are State Licensed Hearing Aid Specialists who are factory trained on staff.  We have a modern video otoscope & our factory trained specialists are Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences.
Our company offers FREE hearing tests.  We dispense & repair hearing instruments of most makes & models. Our dedicated staff has had training for minor hearing aid repair.  We specialize in Starkey’s nanoscience technology. O’Brien Hearing Center, Inc. is a current member of SHA (Starkey Hearing Alliance). Our company also carries a variety of ALD’s (assistive listening devices) for additional assistance to people who may be experiencing hearing difficulties.

We service what we sell.  We see all of our patients routinely every 3 or 4 months to make sure they have continued success in wearing hearing instruments.  We care deeply about all of our patients.  We also re-test our patients annually to make sure there's been no change in hearing.  We adjust hearing instruments accordingly when obtaining a new audiogram.

We love to stay on top of technology and offer many specialized items, such as: iPod earmolds, swim plugs, musician’s earmolds, hearing aid batteries, TV Ears, SoundPort Earmolds for Bluetooth Wireless headsets & earmolds of any kind.

When a patient purchases a hearing instrument from us, they become a patient for life.  This means that their office visits, cleanings, and programming will be included in the price of the purchased hearing instruments.  Our patients that have purchased hearing instruments from us will not be charged for future office visits.  We also do programming for a small fee of other manufacturers when a patient has not purchased their hearing instrument from us.

O’Brien Hearing Center, Inc. is staffed by caring & qualified individuals who are dedicated to helping you hear better.  It is a family owned & operated business.  Our company’s main office is located in Washington Indiana where you will find the owner, Cindy O’Brien, BC-HIS.  Cindy also sees patients at the Jasper Office.  Cindy's sister, Donna Kirkley, Practice Manager, works at both offices.  Donna works with personnel & medical billing.  Cindy's nephew, Chris Taylor, Patient Care Coordinator, works at the Washington office.  All of our staff is trained in basic hearing aid repair & maintenance.

We invite you to visit one of our locations for personal and excellent quality attention to your hearing needs.

Answer the following questions to determine whether you may have a hearing loss.

1. Do you have difficulty understanding speech in a group of people?   Yes     or     No

2. Has your hearing loss affected relationships at home or performance at work?   Yes     or     No

3. Do you ask others to repeat?   Yes     or     No

4. Do you have difficulty hearing conversations on the telephone?   Yes     or     No

5. Must others raise their voice or move closer to help you to hear them?   Yes     or     No

6. Do you avoid social events because you have difficulty in understanding?   Yes     or     No

7. Do others complain that your TV is too loud?   Yes     or     No

8. Do people seem to mumble?   Yes     or     No

If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more of these questions, we urge you to contact us and let us help you to hear what you’ve been missing.


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CareCredit offers several payment plans so you can find one that works best for you. With the popular No Interest Payment Plans* there are no interest charges if you pay your balance in full within the specified time period. Monthly payments can be as low as 3% of your balance. For care from $1,000 to over $25,000 CareCredit offers 24, 36, 48, & 60 month plans with low monthly payments available.

CareCredit can be used by the whole family for ongoing care without having to reapply. And by using CareCredit for your care, you can save your other credit cards for household or unplanned expenses. It only takes a few minutes to apply for CareCredit and you may receive an online decision in seconds!

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